About the Book


Dr. Paul Dougherty is the go-to eye surgeon for answers about the latest options in vision correction technology. His extensive professional experience, state-of-the-art training, and innovation of the latest lens and laser-based technologies, (plus having had vision correction surgery himself), place him in a unique position to help you sort out the many options now available for better vision without glasses or contacts.
Dr. Dougherty’s technical and medical background, combined with his empathetic ability to communicate to people who want to improve their vision, shines through in this book. He writes with compassion, as if sitting across from a patient, expertly discussing the patient’s individual vision concerns.
With crystal clarity, he describes how the eye works and the various vision conditions commonly faced, particularly as people age. He then explores the various options for vision improvement. He answers every question and dispels every concern about various vision correction techniques.
See for Yourself takes a close look at:

  • How to select your eye surgeon
  • The various techniques available—from LASIK to new lens-based vision correction alternatives including the new VISTA VISION ICL™ and beyond
  • The future of vision correction
  • Misconceptions surrounding vision correction

Dr. Dougherty’s knowledge and understanding have earned him unique respect from both peers and patients. He is often called “the doctor’s doctor” and is the surgeon frequently chosen by other physicians and eye care professionals for their own vision correction surgery. His book imparts hope to people who would like to see better.  More importantly, it brings this hope based on a solid foundation of facts and experience.